Rhode Island Red (RIR)

Rhode Island Reds are an all time favourite breed of most poultry fanciers. Rhode Island Reds are another versetile breed, having a high egg count, and good body weight for meat production. The RIR should be active and alert, with deep glossy red feathering. The RIR origionated from North America. There is also a much rarer form being the Rhode Island White and in more recent years they have devoloped some rose combed RIR insetead of the origional straight combs.

Rhode Island Reds are a large breed, bantam also in existance, weighing between 3 and 4 kgs. RIR are a hard breed. Oftenlaying in excess of 200 large brown eggs. Many commerical layers have RIR in thier breeding.

RIR are useful for crossing into your own backyard flock, enabling better egg production and some very interesting colouring.

Pros and Cons of Rhode Island Reds
Good layers of large eggs.
Very large breed, not ideal for small children as pets.
DO go broody.

Good for backyard flock crossing

Hardy breed, good meat value

250+ eggs per year

Price and Availability of Rhode Iland Reds
Day old - 2 weeks SEXED
Most of the year
3 weeks to 4 weeks SEXED
Most of the year
5-6 weeks old SEXED
Most of the year
7-8 weeks
Most of the year

Photos of Rhode Island Reds

Rhode Island Red Cockeral

Rhode Island Red Hen

Rhose Island Red Trio