The australorp are often refered to as austarlian native breed, this is not entirely true, however they were breed in Australia. The Austarlorp has been breed from the black orphington and the Australian Langashan. The australorp is a very heavy breed with a remarkable egg laying ability. They were once considered the best all rounder chook for both egg and meat production. The Australorp will lay between 150 and 200 brown/tinted eggs of reasnoble size per season.

The Australorp are a very hardy, quiet and easy to manage breed. Truly the gentle giants of the chook world. Austarlorps are a soft feathered breed.  Austarlorps are getting harder and harder to find in Victoria, as they seemed to go out of fashion for a while - but now they are back with vengance.  Austarlorps do goo breedy, the hens make eccelent mothers.

Pros and Cons of Australorps
Gentle giants, lovely nature, very easy to manage.
Egg is a little smaller than expected for such a large breed.
Good broody hens, eccelent mothers.
Can go broody, but not too often.
Australian breed, can live and lay into old age.


250+ eggs per year

Price and Availability of Australorps
Age - All australorps are Day Old Sexed
Price Availability
 Sexed & Vaccinated Day Olds
Most of the year
3-4 weeks old
Most of the year
5-6 weeks
Most of the year
7-8 weeks old
Most of the year

Young Australorp Hen

Australorp Rooster

POL Australorp rooster

8 month old Cockeral